Finding the right staff
for you
just when you need them

Why Mego?

Flexing staffing levels in line with production schedules or your client’s needs is never easy. And attracting and retaining good staff is becoming increasingly challenging.

So why not let Mego help?

It’s what we’ve been doing very successfully for 15+ years. Our average contract duration with employer clients is now over 10 years which evidences our ability to add value year on year.

We’ve built our reputation on getting things right for employers across the South West, specialising in the delivery of complex, long term supply contracts involving multiple categories of staff, challenging deadlines and significant fluctuations in demand.

We supply across manufacturing, production and the logistics sectors with a focus on airports and aviation. Our success is down to our serious sector knowledge and meticulous planning combined with our expert knowledge of local employment markets and the massive database of workers we’ve worked with and supplied over the years.

All underpinned by our outstanding track record of compliance, accountability, transparency and totally ethical approach to business.

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