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Location: Exeter

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    We have an exciting opportunity to work airside in the Hangar at Exeter Airport. You will be working as an industrial cleaner on a rotating shift pattern with plenty of hours to be worked. As an Industrial cleaner, you will be working a variety of roles that include: Assisting the teams that remove all passenger seating from the aircrafts, industrial cleaning the seating, cleaning up under the landing gear, cleaning the overhead storage compartments. Keeping all Engineers work areas tidy.

    This is certainly not a residential type of cleaning and all training will be provided. Industrial cleaners work a rotating shift pattern of 12 hour shifts the will look a little like this: 5 days on (07.00 – 19.00) 4 days off 5 days on (07.00 – 19.00) 5 days off 4 days on ( 07.00 – 19.00 ) 5 days off And so on…. Expect to work up to 190 hours per month. No experience is required for this role as full training is given but due to the fact that you will be working airside, there is a detailed procedure with full referencing to complete. You will be provided with a branded work top but you will need your own safety boots and black cargo style trousers.

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